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Pricing & Package FAQ
Q1 What are the packages available for DareOffice P&P Virtual Office?
P&P VO Double @ RM70 / month
P&P VO Voice @ RM45 / month
P&P VO Fax @ RM45 / month
Q2 How do I know which package suits my needs?
  A2 P&P VO Double (Kill two birds with one stone!)
This is the ultimate solution to all your communication needs by combining both              advantages of each package into one.
P&P VO Voice (Now we really are talking!)
This package offers one dedicated Voice number that allows you to utilize it as your central business DID. It provides you with unified communications solutions:
  • Dedicated Business Number
  • Auto-Attendant
    (Greetings to caller in your personalized message/Company name)
  • Virtual PBX
    (Personalized call forwarding options)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 
    (Provides your callers with a guided self-service environment)
  • Voice-to-Email 
    (Enables stored voicemails automatically emailed to your preferred email client)
  • Voice-to-Web 
    (Access voicemails anytime, anywhere from your unified communications account)
  • Web-to-SMS 
    (Send SMS to mobile recipients using our web-based interfact)
  • SMS Blast & SMS Notifications
    (Suitable for Marketing Campaign that requires SMS delivery in bulk to multiple recipients, and functions as SMS reminders)

P&P VO Fax (Faxing shouldn’t be taxing!) 
This package offers one dedicated Fax number that allows you to utilize it as your central business Fax DID. It provides you with uncontested convenience towards a better solution for your faxing needs.

  • Dedicated Fax Number
  • Reduced cost of Fax Resource (You no longer required a fax machine to send or receive faxes. Your DareOffice account functions as a virtual Fax Machine by enabling auto-conversion of inbound an outbound faxes into visual files)
  • Fax-to-Email (Have all your inbound faxes emailed directly to your preferred email account)
  • Fax-to-Web (Access your received fax from anyone, anytime, anywhere using our simplified solutions)
  • Web-to-Fax (You will be able to send faxes from your computer to a fax machine anytime, anywhere!)
  • Fax-Blast (Send out fax to multiple recipients simultaneously)
  • Web-to-SMS (Send SMS to mobile recipients using our web-based interface)
SMS Blast & SMS Notifications(Suitable for Marketing Campaign that requires SMS delivery in bulk to multiple recipients, and functions as SMS reminders)
Q3 Are there additional charges besides the monthly subscription fees for DareOffice?
The usage of the voice and fax services is charged separately through “usage credits”.
Q4 What is the difference between subscription fee and usage credit?

The subscription fee entitles you to the dedicated premium number, access to our unified communications functions (automated greeting, IVR, web-to-fax, storage, etc).

The usage charges only apply to forwarded incoming calls, outbound SMS (including SMS notification), and outbound Faxes.

Q5 What does “usage credit” refer to?
Usage credits are prepaid credit amounts for outbound calls, faxes, SMS, as well as forwarded Inbound calls. This credit will be deducted automatically from your DareOffice Account in accordance with our prefixed rates. The currency of the usage credits is in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Q6 What are your prefixed rates?

Kindly navigate to
Or you may contact our customer service at 03 – 2727 3333 for further enquiries.

*Note: All outbound calls and faxes originate from Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, charges are based on communications from Kuala Lumpur to any destination as selected.

Q7 Is there a minimum subscription period for DareOffice services?
The minimum subscription period for each service/product may vary depending on the package you opted for.
Q8 What happens if I decided to terminate my account before the end of my minimum subscription period? Can I get a refund on my upfront payment?
Unfortunately, we do not support refund should you decide to terminate our services before the end of your minimum subscription period.
Q9 What about renewal of subscriptions? Can I renew on a monthly basis?
Renewal of subscription is subject to a minimum of 3 months. Renewal of account will be automatically recorded upon verified payment to avoid disruptions in our service to you.
Q10 What happens to my DareOffice Account if I do not renew my subscription upon the end of my initial subscription period?
Your account will automatically be suspended by the end of the initial subscription period, with no further transactions made available to your account. You may still log-in to retrieve remaining data up to 15 working days after suspension. All selected DIDs will be recycled in the common DID pool if no request for renewal of subscription has been received after 90 days from suspension date.
Q11 How about discounts?
Kindly refer to our Billing FAQs Question 2
Q12 How do I purchase usage credits?
Kindly refer to our Billing FAQs Question 6, 7, 8, and 9.
Q13 What does the term “DID” stands for?
A Malaysian DID number is an 8-digit number that can be called directly from any phone, whether a soft-phone, mobile, regular (TDM) phone or a VoIP phone. It stands for Direct Inward Dial.
At the registration screen, I was given an option to select my DID. Why am I being charged for it when I am already subscribing to DareOffice? Does the package not include a DID?
The manual DID selection allows you to handpick “preferred’ numbers to be utilized as your business number. You may opt NOT to take this optional offer and the system will auto-generate an available DID for your Account.
Q15 What type of DID(s) do I get if I do not opt for the Manual DID selection?
The DIDs are automatically and randomly generated by the first available DID in the common pool list.
Q16 What if I do not like my auto-generated DID?
No further disputes on DID will be entertained should the user not opt for our Manual DID selection option.
Q17 Can I change my selected/given DID?
We do not encourage frequent changes of DID because it might affect your business in terms of contacts and frequent callers. However we do allow you to reselect a different DID for a minimal price of RM50 per transaction.

*Please note that the previously subscribed DID will with immediate effect be transferred back into the common DID pool for such transactions.

Q18 With regards to Question 10, Can I request for my previously used DID if I decided to subscribe to DareOffice again after the 90 days suspension date?
That depends on the availability of the particular number at the point of time. If it is still available in the common DID pool, you may purchase the same DID again. Otherwise you may opt for a new system generated DID or purchase a self-selected DID.