Q1 What is DareOffice Live Receptionist about?
DareOffice Live Receptionist is an affordable, no frills, cost effective service that caters to your reception needs. If you do not wish to trouble yourself with additional headcount to your payroll, training, equipments, health insurance etc, then DareOffice Live Receptionist is your best option, just plug and play!
Q2 How does it work?
  A2 DareOffice Live Receptionist utilizes a live operator to cater to your incoming calls during business hours instead of the typical voice answering machine or IVR system. On top of that, it comes with these additional features:

  • Premium contact numbers
  • Trained professionals to greet your callers
  • Live updates on incoming transactions via email & SMS
  • Ability to choose between live transfer or message capture
Q3 What are the packages available?
  A3 The packages available are:

P&P Receptionist Essential @ MYR40.00 (Promo) / MYR60.00 monthly

  • One dedicated premium number
  • 9 hours daily
  • 9 am - 6 pm (Malaysian Time)
  • Mondays to Fridays
  • Basic SLA (average pick up within 6 seconds)
  • Notification via email and SMS only
  • One concurrent caller only
  • BM and English language support
  • 60 minutes air-time
  • 50 SMS notifications

P&P Receptionist Premium @ MYR80.00 (Promo) / MYR 100.00 monthly

  • One dedicated premium number
  • 9 hours daily
  • 9 am - 6 pm (Malaysian Time)
  • Mondays to Fridays
  • Basic SLA (average pick up within 6 seconds)
  • Receptionist assisted transfer
  • Notify via email and SMS when call transfer is not required
  • One concurrent caller only
  • BM and English language support
  • 90 minutes air-time
  • 75 SMS notifications
Q4 What are the differences between Essential and Premium?
Premium package allows live transfer from Receptionist to you (upon approval), or alternatively will just take down a message if you do not wish to answer the particular call, giving you total control on your incoming calls. It also comes with:
  • 50% more air-time and SMS
  • Supports up to 2 concurrent calls at any one time
  • Third tier language support (Chinese/Mandarin)
Q5 What does “usage credit” refer to?
Charges applies to SMS notification (optional on-off feature)
Q6 Are there limitations to the amount of incoming calls per month?
No, however our packages come with a bundled amount of air-time of which you are required to top-up upon exceeding the given quota. You may opt to purchase additional air-time; purchased air-time will not expire provided your account remains active.
Q7 What are the SMS/Call rates?
SMS notification is MYR0.20 each Call rates
Q8 How do I purchase additional air-time and what is the minimum purchase available?
You may purchase it via online from your account, or alternatively you may contact us at 03-27273366 for assistance. The minimum amount of air-time purchase is MYR
Q9 Can I carry forward unused air-time?
You may only carry forward purchased air-time, bundled air-time will be renewed automatically upon account bill cycle date.
Q10 Do I have to purchase SMS notification as well?
No, your purchased air-time can be utilized for SMS as well.
Q11 Are there any minimum subscription periods/usage for DareOffice Live Receptionist?
The minimum subscription period for DareOffice Live Receptionist is 6 months. There are no minimum usage required for this service.
Q12 I have a corporate account and the DID is shared by two or more persons, who will be notified upon an incoming call?
We will notify the person concerned of whom the message/call was intended for, however upon request and your authorization, we allow a standing instruction preferences to include notification the person-in-charge of the account via email and/or SMS.

*Please be informed by doing so, 2 sets of notification will be sent out for each transaction, charges may apply.

*A list of contacts must be prepared from customer end to us in order to for us to properly forward the messages and notification, in any event a person of contact does not exist in the list provided, notification will be sent to the person-in-charge

Q13 With regards the answer to Q11, is it not illegal to intrude another personís privacy?
The DID and services that we provide are intended for business purposes only, an agreement will have to be settled from your end with your own employees/affiliates with regards to the notification should you opt for 3rd party notification prior to activating this option.
Q14 What about missed/dropped concurrent calls?
Your live receptionist will arrange for a callback as soon as available.
Q15 What happens if my air-time depleted during a call?
We will send reminders upon low remaining air-time (20%), however in any event your air-time is depleted during a call, rest assured the call remains active until wrap-up (including final email and SMS notification). After that, no incoming calls will be routed through until additional air-time is purchased. Additional charges on the exceed quota will be billed to your account accordingly.
Q16 Can I have live receptionist support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
DareOffice Live Receptionist services currently only supports:
  • Weekdays (excluding Malaysian Public Holidays)
  • 9am – 6pm [(UTC+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore]