Q1 What is DareOffice Fax Blaster and how it is different from DareOffice Virtual Office Fax?
Fax Blaster is a value deal made for business owners who utilizes outbound fax in large quantities according to their business trends and campaigns, minus the need to pay for unnecessary telephony installation, line setup, monthly access, and other miscellaneous fees on top of usage charges. Just blast away all your faxing woes!
Q2 Do I need a specific fax number registered to my business prior to subscribing to this offer? How about return fax? What number will be shown to the recipient upon fax delivery?
  A2 No, you will not be required to setup new phone lines to utilize this service; no specific fax number will appear on the recipient’s side e.g. (+603 <BLANK>), however you may input a custom fax header for each outgoing fax.

For optimum fax solutions, we suggest you subscribe to DareOffice Virtual Office Fax in conjunction with the DareOffice FaxBlaster
Q3 What are the packages and rates available for DareOffice Fax Blaster?
DareOffice Fax Blaster features flat rate per page faxing nationwide, no more hassle of estimating, calculating, and tabulating odd charges and rates to different destinations. You only need to keep track your number faxes with our “One size fits most” method.
  • 500 pages RM150
  • 1,000 pages RM290
  • 2,000 pages RM560
  • 5,000 pages RM1,300
Q4 Will my purchased package(s) (# of fax pages) expire? Can I get a refund on unused fax pages?
Fax pages may be utilized within one year (365 days) from the date of purchase. All Expiry dates will be brought forward to 1 year (365 days) upon the most recent purchase.

We do not support refund on unutilized fax pages, kindly purchase the package which suits your company best.

If expired, a minimum renewal purchase of 500 pages @ RM150 will activate the previous available fax pages for another 1 year (365 days) from date of purchase.
Note: Such renewal purchase must be made within 30 days after upon expiry)

Q5 How do I get more if the remaining usage (fax pages) is running low?
You may purchase additional pages according to the packages available through your online account options, or contact us at 03-27273333 for further assistance.
Q6 How do I subscribe to DareOffice Fax Blaster and what is the process to make a payment?
You may sign-up online via our web http://www.dareoffice.com, or contact us at
Q7 Why should I consider DareOffice Fax Blaster over conventional fax methods?
*One page of fax for conventional faxing takes an approximate average from 30 – 60 seconds for delivery, faxing via DareOffice Fax Blaster solutions is up to 2x faster.

On top of that, DareOffice Fax Blaster supports multiple documents per recipient and up to 3 concurrent recipients at a time, which means no more multiple fax machines, less waiting and more faxing.

Below is a simple view of comparison between DareOffice Fax Blaster and conventional faxing:
Conventional Faxing  DO Fax Blaster 
Recipient **Approx time
(per recipient)
Approx total time required  Recipient **Approx time
(per recipient)
Approx total time required 
100 60 seconds 100 minutes 100 30 seconds 17 minutes
300 60 seconds 300 minutes 300 30 seconds 50 minutes
500 60 seconds 500 minutes 500 30 seconds 83 minutes
1000 60 seconds 1000 minutes 1000 30 seconds 166 minutes
*Comparison based on a fixed sample of approximate time taken for a single document, actual results may vary depending on number of different documents and recipients

**Approx time (per recipient) = Print > Scan > Input Fax # > Dial > Report
Requires Functioning Fax Machine Does not require any fax machine
Requires installation and monthly telephony charges No installation, no telephony setup, no monthly access fees
Fax service and maintenance routine Save on fax maintenance / No paper jam
Various different charges and odd rates Per page flat rate packages nationwide
(No billing confusion, one simple calculation)
1 recipient at a time Up to 3 concurrent recipients at a time
Slower fax time, limited productivity Faster fax time, increased productivity
Fax delivery report is manual and minimal, stationary location Detailed Fax report via automated email, accessible remotely
Next user must wait in-line physically, clash of urgency between departments Supports multiple user log-ins, sharing up to 3 concurrent outbound fax capacity for maximum efficiency, auto-queue even if maximum capacity is reached
Manual number key-in per fax transaction, and one document at a time per recipient Contact Management and Bulk Recipient Input, supports multiple documents attachment per recipient
Requires printed matter and scanning process before faxing is possible Fax directly from softcopy, supports MS Word '03/'07, MS Excel '03/'07, PDF, GIF, JPG, PPT