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Technical FAQ
Q1 How do I log-in to my DAREOFFICE account after registration?
Once activation is completed, you may log-in to your DAREOFFICE account via by inputting your Username & Password.
Q2 Can I log-in to my DAREOFFICE account from different computers and from different locations?
  A2 You may log-in to three (3) concurrent users at any one point of time and from anywhere provided there is access to an internet connection.
Q3 What if I need to log-in more than three (3) concurrent users at a time?
We suggest that you contact our customer service at 03-2727 3333 or visit to enquire more about our DareOffice Enterprise Edition.
Q4 What happens if I exceeded the quota (200 pages) for incoming faxes? Will my incoming fax documents be lost?
Please be assured no incoming fax transactions will be dropped in the event of exceeding the quota and all incoming fax documents will still be stored in your account (provided you have sufficient storage space). An additional charge of MYR0.80 per page applies to incoming fax transactions after volume quota.
What if I do not have sufficient storage space at the point where there are still incoming fax transactions? Will my incoming fax documents be lost?
In an event your incoming fax transactions exceeds your available storage space, the incoming transactions will be downloaded and stored in our stand-by server.
Once you have cleared up your storage space, these transactions will automatically be downloaded into your account.

*PLEASE NOTE: Pending transactions stored in our stand-by servers will last up to a MAXIMUM OF THREE (3) WORKING DAYS before it becomes inaccessible. Kindly be reminded to always clear your storage of unnecessary files and monitor your incoming and pending faxes.
Q6 What if I exceeded the quota (200 pages) for incoming faxes but I do not wish to be continuously charged per page? (Do not want a billing shock)
You may opt to purchase additional incoming fax pages from our range of Value Added Services (VAS) via or contact our customer service at 03 – 2727 3333.

Please be assured that we will send you notifications (FOC) on your remaining quota whenever it reaches fifty (50), thirty (30), and ten (10) pages. We will also notify you once you have exceeded your quota by forty (40) pages (20% exceeded usage) to allow you to opt for a VAS package instead of being charged by the number of pages.
If I opt for the minimum Fax VAS purchase (50 pages), how will I be charged for the pages prior to my purchase? Will I still be charged per page on top of the newly purchased VAS?
We will override the pay-per-page charges with the VAS purchase price. You will be able to enjoy more for less!
What if I purchased the VAS for Fax and I am unable to finish them within the month? Can I carry forward the purchased pages?
Currently we do not provide SMS notifications upon generated invoice. It will be directly sent to your mail Inbox.
Q9 What types of files are supported for outgoing and incoming web-fax on DareOffice?
Currently we support docx, doc, xlsx, xls, pdf, gif, jpg, and ppt for outgoing web-fax transactions and all incoming web-fax transaction will be stored as pdf.