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Billing FAQ
Q1 How do I make payments for my subscription of DareOffice?
A1 You can make payments to SUPERCEED (M) Sdn. Bhd. 830277D Bank Acc# 14280000052107 CIMB Bank through these selected channels:
    • Online Banking Transfer
    • Cheque Bank In
*Kindly be reminded to include the invoice number generated upon successful registration into the payment slip. Kindly fax-in the payment details to us at
03 2096 9001 or scan and email to
Q2 Are there any discounts or promotion to the packages offered?
  A2 We have discounted rates of up to 10% off normal price with the below conditions:

Package VO Double VO Voice VO Fax
Subscription Period Discount
3 months N/A N/A N/A
6 months 5% 5% 5%
12 months 10% 10% 10%

*Discounted rates also applies to renewal of subscriptions

Q3 How do I track my usage / remaining credit for my DareOffice Account?
Our DareOffice solutions provide you with a real-time credit monitoring function. All you need to do is log-in to your account and navigate to the “Billing” Tab, select the DID, Communication Channel, and the Period of usage. Your DareOffice homepage will also display current unbilled usage.
Q4 How do I reload my usage credit?
You may do it online via your DareOffice Account at the “Renew” Tab. At the Renew/Reload page, select Renewal / Reload / Upgrade / Downgrade depending on your request, click Submit and follow the instructions thereafter.
Q5 Is there any expiry date for my purchased usage credit?
  A5 The usage amount will remain active as long as your subscription account is active.
Q6 What happens to my remaining usage amount if my subscription expires and I do not wish to renew?
Your usage amount will be forfeited upon termination of account
Q7 How will I be billed for the usage credits reload?
An invoice will be sent to your email upon submission of your reload request. Please refer to Question 1 for Payment Options.
Q8 Can I get an SMS notification whenever I get billed?
Currently we do not provide SMS notifications upon generated invoice. It will be directly sent to your mail Inbox.
Q9 Can I choose/change my billing date?
Your billing date will be auto-generated by our system in accordance with your activation date. We currently do no support changes of billing date.
Q10 When must I submit payment for any signup, value-added subscription, renewal or reload incurred to my DareOffice Account?
You have 30 days to make payments from the invoice generation date otherwise which the request will be void.